About Us

We are a bunch of techies started with an intention of developing focused content which helps users in learning from other's experience rather than going through monotonous tutorials. We post more of code articles rather than tutorials based out of experience and exposure to technologies such as dotnet, java and others to name a few.

All it started from a thought of "why not bring in an EduTech source with a twist".

Although the articles might seem to a specific context at a time, we take special care in explaining in a simple tone so as to cater for a wider range of tech enthusiasts. We try to explain things from a specific context so as readers can easily understand the concept along with their real-world use case.

We're now getting started on a long journey and we strive to constantly bring in new pieces of knowledge everyday on a wide variety of programming paradigms such as patterns, technologies along with tips and tricks to troubleshoot various peculiar problems we ourselves solve in our careers.


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