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Evaluate Your Oppurtunities - Don't Miss One!

Experiences  • Posted one year ago

Hai Everyone! I am Girl who is in a search of job in order to make my parents feel so happy about my job since november-2014 onwards..! I'm 2014 Engineering Graduate. I want to be an independent girl from my 7th standard onwards..! From then onwards i want a job at any cost! Being a girl no one is allowing me to work outside at that time. now being a girl everyone is asking me " what are you doing rite now" :/ years passed away or else u can just say Expectations increased when i'm studying more..! ;) I want to do a business from my engineering 3rd year onwards.! i am very much passionate about business. I want my own identity for this life thats why i want to be an indepenent girl from my 7th standard onwards. But being an engineering student, i have to clear my engineering course then only i can crack MBA exam...then business. Before completion of my engineering course, my parents agreed for MBA in order to crack after my graduation. But, after completion of engineering everyone is asking me have you got placements in your college??? So Inorder to answer to their questions, i have got placed in ways2capital as a business analyst with 25k per month--luckily my first round was telephonic and 2nd round was skype...1st round was just normal,i have cleared this round. when it comes to 2nd round, i am about to lose my hope on my career.because everytime when i am losing my hope,i will think that was my last job oppurtunity in my career. finally with a lot of internet connection problem, HR was very impressed with my words and finally she offered me a job as a business analyst on november 7th-2014. This is my first Job oppurtunity.

Happiest moment in my life--- when i got that mail from the offered company , i felt so happy and i ran immediately towards my parents! i have seen happiness in their eyes! From the bottom of their heart they told this news to everyone to unknown and known people :) :) So finally i have placement at indore,madhyapradesh.

After a few days later, i have got a mail i need to confirm my offer and i need to send it back to that company, so i informed my parents regarding my confirmation, at that time my parents are very busy with their professional life...their decision changed my life..

Decision: Well, I'm from Andhrapradesh. But, i have got placed at indore,MadhyaPradesh. My parents objected for my job location. they want me to get placed near to my states lilke hyderabad,chennai,bangalore.well i have choosen and i lost my hope on my job at indore.. so i was at my home,AndhraPradesh. That moment, Being a girl got placed for the first time with a lot of hopes from my 7th standard onwards , time to prove what i'm..but, everything faded away on that day. I have decided and i said to myself by forcely, nothing is more important than parents happiness...From then onwards i'm in a search of job trails!

Bangalore life: later on , a few months later for the sake of job search..i was in bangalore with Zero hope on my career . my fate from november - 7th 2014 onwards, it was very hell everytime. On december-2015 i used to go a certain company for an interview in the last moment, all of a sudden i will get rejections.. So here basically i'm having 3 conditions regarding a company that i am about to join/ to get placed.

(i) Company name should be there in wikipedia. ;)

(ii) Stipend should be there on probation period. :)

(iii) Career growth should be there. :)

hence, no such company till now dint approve me to their company because of my 66% of bachelors degree and my fate(i.e, Unluckiest girl ) and the above three conditions at the time of interview..!

Now, i have lost hope on next minute and next second..! Because of my health issues and depression for not getting placed anywhere.. i have come to my home on aug-2016 ..now,i'm recovering my health issues..! Its been 2 years i have completed my bachelors degree. so now i'm still in a job search..hope i need to get placed before this december-2016.. I need all your wishes! Being a girl we dont have that much time for a career.. :(

Everyone used to say " go to temple, get blessings from god" and some people used to say " work hard" and some people used to say " vakth sab badal dethi hein" -wait for your time and what i will suggest you people is " live this moment, work hard at this minute, do whatever you want in this moment" :) if your fate is good, everything will comes to you based on your work/ what ever the work thatyou are doing right now..! work hard like anything :) be happy at this moment :)


"Celebration is being alive".

Enjoy this moment..!

thankyou for reading this dude!

All the best :)

Suggestions are always invited..!

Feel free to express yourself in this world that you are right now! you are having only one life and you are having the minute that is running/passing on..!


— shared by Kausalya