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First Step towards Success - My experience as a State Ranker!

Experiences  • Posted one year ago

It’s always exciting for me to share my success story. I don’t take it as a success for my life; it’s just the first step towards my dream. It’s a story of many ups and downs. I’m very glad to share my story with you all. I was with my family when the results were announced and I was eagerly waiting to know what I secured. I got a call at last and I heard the news that I secured a state rank.

I couldn’t believe it at first, but finally when I looked at it myself I was happy like hell. The day arrived when my struggle turned into elating results. I used to spend almost 10 hours every day on my studies. I used to write and recollect everything and used to explain by teaching myself. I was the happiest person on the earth after the results were out, as I felt that my hard work earned me a great moment to cherish for my life. I got admission into the prestigious university JNTUH as I used to dream. Finally the time came where my parents’ struggle, love, encouragement and constant motivation made my dreams come true. I used to be very clear about what I needed. I chose the path of studying by educating myself in every way possible.

TRUST and CONFIDENCE on self are the 2 magical words which can change one’s life. There’s nothing else to practice. My motto is to ‘EDUCATE YOURSELF BY EDUCATING OTHERS.

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