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Kick out your confusion!

Experiences  • Posted one year ago

I am confused...! Can you help me?
Every 8 out of 10 engineering students now in India has the same question at the end of 4 years, " I am confused, can you help me ? ". There are mix of solutions they get in response. Among them, at top are to join a consultancy get trained and achieve a white collar job. What are they learning in that 6 months that gets them a job which they cannot achieve studying 4 years full time?
Second comes,"why don't you study further?". Here also he looks too confused and again goes to training centres for exam details. Prepare with the strategy they teach and achieve an acceptable score which gets them into a post graduate college.
Do we have an answer for this?
Yes ofcourse we have an answer for this. Every engineering student comes to the college with lot of hopes, dreams and is eligible for a God damn job. So all the students needs to do is plan, plan for the next move. Planning is what the students are missing and in some cases it's done by lecturers,parents or well-wishers which will make the student easily fed up because he didn't plan for it. Being parents we need to give space to student to open his plans,ideas so that we can correct him if something's wrong. He will be aware of his path when he plans it, be it anything he will reach a great extents if it is done by him because he puts his heart,head and all the passion to achieve it.
Forget confusion guys! Plan it up !

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— shared by Pramod