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My first Job - The key for a great career

Experiences  • Posted one year ago

The key to finding a great career is to identify your greatest interest - your passion and pursue a career involving that interest. Lucky few find their passions. Since my childhood I always had an inclination to learning new technologies. I got my breakthrough when I got placed in Cognizant. My joy knew no limits. I realised that Cognizant was the first step to fulfil my dreams. My experience in Cognizant was amazing. Every day was a new day. I learnt many new technologies here. The work culture in Cognizant energised, motivated and empowered me. There was never a dull day in Cognizant. There was always work life balance. The managers and my lead always ensured I had a proper career growth. In my 2 years at Cognizant I did not face any cooperate politics which are there in many companies. The rich culture and environment of Cognizant has transformed me into a true professional.

— shared by Anu