“If you’ve come to this page and reading this, thank you very much for your interest!”

Hi there! this is Ram, the man behind Referbruv. I’m a full-stack developer and a self-taught programming enthusiast with a handful of experience on a few web technologies, front-end scripts and a little DevOps touch. It all started back in mid-2019 when my first article went live and so far it has been an awesome journey!

How it all Started…

To be honest, What started as a content blog for another core idea has made me realize the potential for quality programming articles and the appetite of the ever-learning developer community. At its humble beginning, Referbruv was like a sort of “running notes” for my own learning and I used to reproduce whatever I had discovered; in my own words.

This has created a new purpose for me to go beyond my own learning plans and find new tech avenues as to deliver contentful articles and resources.

Many ask me, “How different are your articles different from the others?”. I reply them, “Well, No two persons can learn alike. There’d always be someone who might understand my writings better than the others. So it works!”.

And this has become my mantra – “To help people learn better by sharing what I’ve already learned”.

Articles, Questions and Coding Problems

The articles available under Referbruv Codeblog are things straight out of my personal running notes, my workplace experiences and from my own understanding of the concepts, in my own words.

Based on my own interview experiences, Referbruv QuestionBank was started as an attempt to help someone who’s looking for probable F.A.Qs on the concepts that one can expect, based on the resources that I created.

Off late, there has been a new ambition that started in me to help people build better business logic when developing or fixing something. This made me go back to the time when I first started working on logic building for the problems by means of some of the most fundamental programming topics that beginners learn. This led to Referbruv CodeLogic, which acts as a basic repository of some of the fundamental yet important concepts which can help catalyze logic building.

And finally, Referbruv Collections was created to help people learn something completely, without having to search for missing pieces by themselves.

Our Mission – Let’s do it together!

Nothing much in my mind, tbh. I’m currently working on better content, new avenues, and a better UI for giving users the best experience possible. With the goal of creating a great repository of programming resources and a platform for anyone to share and learn better for cheap, its just the beginning of a really long journey!

Thank you very much for your support!

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Happy Learning!