Gain complete knowledge on a skill with our curated list of articles, serialized in their order for the best understanding.

Understanding the SOLID Principles

Learn in-detail about the five SOLID principles and understand how they impact the application design and enhancements in a positive way.

Developing a Secure Token Server using IdentityServer4

Learn how to create a simple Secure Token Server (STS) using IdentityServer4, with detailed guides on implementing various Grant Types for peculiar use cases.

Unit Testing with xUnit – Ultimate Guide

Learn the core concepts behind testing and how to write and run tests for components using xUnit with examples in ASP.NET Core

Getting Started with Flutter For Beginners

Starting from the basics of developing in Flutter, build a simple Blog application with two screens fetching data from an API and rendering and at the end of the series.

Continuous Integration / Deployment with Jenkins

Learn how to configure and run jobs using a Jenkins Freestyle project which automates the build, test and deploy phases with an example in ASP.NET Core.

Developing Single Page Applications using Angular

Learn the core concepts and elements of the framework and understand how to develop single page applications that run on client browser using Angular.

Exploring Creational Design Patterns with Examples

Creational Patterns are a category of the twenty three design patterns which aim at solving design issues related to object creations and effective instantiation.

Getting Started with ASP.NET Core For Beginners

Learn the basics and core concepts of ASP.NET Core and get started with developing APIs using ASP.NET Core.

Implementing Social Logins and Authentication in ASP.NET Core

Learn how to implement user login with social providers such as Google and Facebook and access user information using ASP.NET Core

Securing ASP.NET Core APIs with JWT

Understand the core concepts of OAuth, OpenID and JWT. How to secure APIs written in ASP.NET Core using JWT tokens and enforce an Authenticated and Authorized access.