Gain complete knowledge on a skill with our curated list of articles, serialized in their order for the best understanding.

Understanding the SOLID Principles

Learn in-detail about the five SOLID principles and understand how they impact the application design and enhancements in a positive way.

  • Understanding SOLID principles – Single Responsibility
  • Understanding SOLID principles – Open Closed Principle
  • Understanding Solid Principles – The Liskov Substitution Principle
  • Understanding Solid Principles – Understanding The Interface Segregation Principle
  • Understanding SOLID Principles – The Dependency Inversion Principle

Developing a Secure Token Server and Authenticating Requests using IdentityServer4

Learn how to create a simple Secure Token Server (STS) which issues tokens to registered clients and handles user and session management using IdentityServer4, with detailed guides on implementing various Grant Types for peculiar use cases. For the complete project:

  • Securing ASP.NET Core APIs with IdentityServer4 – Getting Started
  • Implementing ClientCredentials Grant Flow using IdentityServer4
  • Implementing Resource Owner Password Credentials (ROPC) using IdentityServer4
  • Implementing User Authentication in Angular using IdentityServer4
  • Implementing Authorization Code Grant using IdentityServer4 with PKCE
  • How to configure Database and Social Logins in IdentityServer4

Getting Started with Flutter For Beginners

Starting from the basics of developing in Flutter, build a simple Blog application with two screens fetching data from an API and rendering and at the end of the series.

  • Caching GET Request calls using Flutter Cache Manager
  • Flutter for Beginners – Setting up and Getting Started with App Development
  • Flutter for Beginners – Understanding the App Project Structure and Anatomy
  • Flutter for Beginners – Introduction to Main.dart, Widgets and First App Run
  • Flutter for Beginners – Understanding Stateful and Stateless Widgets
  • Flutter for Beginners – Creating a Scrollable Content View
  • Flutter for Beginners – Understanding the Scaffold Widget
  • Flutter for Beginners – Working with Container, Row and Column Widgets
  • Flutter for Beginners – Creating and binding content to a List View