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There was a time when people used to get mesmerised by the concept of eCommerce. In today’s times, ecommerce still hasn’t lost its magical touch as it is still very much in vogue. However, the new concept causing a seismic shift is mCommerce. Yes, combining eCommerce and mobile apps can ensure seamless success and return on investment. And one shouldn’t be ignoring the fact that mCommerce is quite profit-spinning as well. You just have to hire a reliable eCommerce development company that is ready to put quality hours into it.

Creating a strong impact online is not so easy but it’s definitely a doable job, all thanks to the most amazing, intimidating and robust eCommerce platform available around. The following post focuses on some of the top ecommerce platforms to consider in 2023.

Define eCommerce platform

Basically, it’s an amazing content management system that aids eCommerce developers in creating an online store that is quite a cut above. Whether you own a small-size or mid-size or large-size business, choosing the right eCommerce platform can simply take you places. Now take any stats or studies into account, and you will find that more than 80% of the total world population tends to shop online. In fact, after the massive COVID hit, more and more people are found shifting from the physical environment to the virtual world and they are pretty much liking it as well. You can seamlessly shop whatever, whenever and from wherever you feel like.

Now the good news is there are a plethora of eCommerce platforms available around but all these can be bifurcated into three-basic and important categories:


As the name suggests open-source platforms are available for free. Yes, anyone can use these platforms and it doesn’t mean that since it’s available for free your eCommerce website won’t stand out among the competitors. On the contrary, when you have an open-source platform, you can modify or change or customise everything. Apart from eCommerce developers, even DevOps teams can tweak or make relevant changes especially when you are using open-source eCommerce platforms.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Another type of eCommerce platform available is SaaS. Software as a Service turns out to be pretty effective and efficient. Also, it is great to get started. Choose a popular SaaS eCommerce platform featuring robust API libraries. Moreover, you can ask your existing eCommerce developers to make the most of the SaaS eCommerce platform. Here it is possible to modify and redesign the UX build outs in a seamless manner.

Headless Commerce

Another interesting name for headless commerce is also known as the CaaS platform. Headless platforms are quite known for decoupling the shopping cart from the CMS completely. As a result, what we gain is amazing flexibility, using APIs to set or create different SaaS shopping carts, and above all being open source or flexible.

Further, below you will read across some crucial aspects to keep in mind when choosing an eCommerce platform

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform?

Budget is the Key

One of the prime factors to keep in mind is budget or pre-determined price. See developing an eCommerce store won’t be the only project you will be working on to enhance your business so make sure you don’t end up spending extravagantly. Also, while estimating or determining the budget, do not forget about the hidden costs in maintenance, once the app is released. You must have an investment upfront and the cost might scale a bit up. But that’s fine! You need to keep that much buffer at least.

When determining the right eCommerce platform, try focusing on different aspects such as web design, platform dependency, custom app creation, cybersecurity, maintenance, licensing and whatnot!

High Scalability

The next aspect to take into account is how scalable or flexible the eCommerce platform is. I mean if it’s not scalable at all, then there are fewer chances for your website to grow with the growing business. Other than price, high-end scalability should be your priority.

Features and Functionalities

Lastly, you should be focusing on whether the chosen eCommerce platform offers a wide range of features and functions including easy interface, design options, store management system, payment processing, High-end Security, End-to-end support, and a lot more. Of course, with the time passing by your store will expand and develop. So choose a platform that features a wide range of pre-made templates. Also, it would be great if it had many customization options.

Now time to get acquainted with some of the best and most promising eCommerce development platforms.

Top eCommerce App Development Platforms


One of the most popular and amazing eCommerce platforms to take into account is Magento. Also, it’s my favourite, I will tell you why. First and foremost, Magento is the best open-source eCommerce platform offering insane features and functionalities in regards to integrated payment systems, mobile-optimised shopping, global selling, instant purchase, high-end security, seamless customization, accurate analytics and reporting and a lot more.

Magento is highly recommended for developing mobile-ready solutions for businesses of different sizes as well as industry verticals. An eCommerce platform that can be seamlessly integrated with a plethora of payment gateways making the entire checkout process a child’s play. Whether you are developing an eCommerce website or a mobile commerce app, Magento is recommended for both concepts. In fact, Magento also excels when it comes to creating progressive web apps that give your end users a native look and feel. With smartphones being the top priority, eCommerce store owners have started looking for eCommerce platforms that offer seamless mobile optimization.

Some core features offered by Magento include

  • Mobile-optimised shopping experience
  • Selling across the globe
  • Order management, product management, inventory management
  • Easy to integrate with third-party apps
  • Huge scope for customization and personalization
  • Accurate report and analytics


Another interesting eCommerce app development platform to take into account is Shopify. Now this one is quite adored by eCommerce businesses both techies as well as non-techies. You see both types can easily customise the software in accordance to your needs and requirements. In addition, Shopify comprises almost all types of features and functionalities worth considering for different purposes including designing, enhancing the content, etc. Also, you may find more than 70+ templates to choose from.

Some of the core features include

  • Unlimited product listings
  • Customised domains
  • Real-time sales statistics
  • Tracking inventories
  • Technical support
  • Product Reports
  • AI/Personalization
  • Export
  • Easy support via phone, email, and live chat
  • Google Analytics

Though this platform was established back in 2004 but somehow it still manages to remain one of the top eCommerce app development platforms.


The next intimidating eCommerce app development platform to take into account is WooCommerce. Whether you are developing a website or an ecommerce mobile app, WooCommerce works wonders for both platforms. Do you know why WooCommerce manages to be one of the best eCommerce platforms? Well, here vendors can seamlessly manage their shops.

Also, it doesn’t matter where they are managing from. In addition, businesses can keep tabs on real-time data. With WooCommerce, vendors can seamlessly sell their products on mobile with the help of a plethora of built-in tools and technologies and several plugin-based solutions. If you don’t believe me, you can check out the wide spectrum of extensions available in making your store mobile-ready and a huge hit among your valued customers.

If you are specifically considering a mobile app for your eCommerce store then WooCommerce is the perfect choice to take into consideration. Of course, there are a few free extensions and a few paid ones as well but that’s fine, after all, everything is about the seamless end-user experience and ensuring that everything is in its place and it’s worth considering in the long run.


Another amazing eCommerce development platform is BigCommerce. Are you planning to accelerate your business in a pretty short span of time? If so, then BigCommerce is a popular name to consider.

Now with so many platforms available in the market, how come Bigcommerce makes it to the top five eCommerce app development platforms?

Well, let us take a look at some of the core benefits of considering bigCommerce for your upcoming eCommerce app development project.

Easy Onboarding

For starters, BigCommerce offers the easiest onboarding experience in comparison to other available ecommerce platforms. You see they are pretty quick, simple and easy to set up. You don’t have to be technically sound here. As there are a wide range of tools and technologies available. With BigCommerce developing a classic and fully functional website is not a big deal at all.


Another amazing benefit offered by bigCommerce is that it offers amazing SEO-based assistance. Yes, no two ways about it! Now say for example, if you are willing to create your own URL structures, it is possible with BigCommerce. You see, here you can ensure that every page has its own unique and separate URL. As a result, Google takes each page differently and there are high chances of your website getting ranked. Also, when you use such a platform, displaying reviews, stock prices or other relevant data is possible.

So if you develop a website or a mobile app using BigCommerce, it is bound to rank in the search engine or the app store.

24/7 support

Another amazing reason to consider BigCommerce as your eCommerce app development platform is that it offers 24/7 immense support. Here you will find quite short durations, dedicated support, 24/7 and whatnot!


Last but certainly not least, the eCommerce app development platform to take into account is SquareSpace. What makes Squarespace included in the following list? Well, here you receive amazing drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built website templates. In other words, conducting development becomes pretty easy and seamless. If you have just commenced a business or are already running a small business then, SquareSpace is the right option to consider.

Some of the outstanding features offered by Squarespace include:

  • Abandoned cart-recovery
  • Adding as many digital products as you want
  • Personalization and customization
  • Using more SEO tools
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Automatic promotional code and discount
  • Seamless integration

Parting Words

And this is all for now! There are several other eCommerce platforms available but the aforementioned ones have always and will always remain on the top of the list due to their amazing and intimidating features.

So what are you waiting for, time to get started with your upcoming eCommerce venture. Wish you all the very Best!

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