Top 10 Useful .NET Core Libraries for Developers

In this article, we will explore top 10 libraries of .NET Core every developer must know, that you can use for developing your applications.

With every rising sun, there are thousands of entrepreneurs rising every day with their unique niches and strategies to make the golden mark in the industry and in today’s digital age, having a digital medium for business is a necessity. Web and mobile development is a must but it is often tricky to choose the right platform and framework to build web and mobile applications. 

While searching for the best out of all, you need to ensure that the framework has every feature and functionality that can potentially benefit your business. One such framework is .NET Core by Microsoft. It is a user-friendly framework including majorly customer-centric features. 

Microsoft keeps updating this framework with all the latest trends and technology to provide robust web and mobile applications. It is a light-weight framework to develop software and web/mobile applications with the amalgamation of C#, Xamarin, F#, GC, Entity Frameworks, Runtime, JIT, WPF, AOT, ML.NET, and Base Class Library.

Let us have a quick view on why you should choose .Net Core in 2022:

Benefits of Developing Your App Using .NET Core Framework

  • .NET Core being a cross-platform decreases the extra time, cost, and efforts required to make new apps for different devices and software as one can use the app developed in .Net Core framework from any device and software.
  • .NET Core is an open source which makes fast releases possible, provides multiple support channels, and does not restrict the developers for every minute feature development.
  •  .NET Core is a mature and widely used framework which has evolved in 18 years since its introduction and is now stronger than ever before. 
  • .NET Core has been supporting various niche’s applications and multiple application types which makes it a versatile framework rich with features for every niche.
  • .NET Core has advanced security with the latest installments of technologies and following all the security guidelines to protect your app from the hackers.
  • .NET Core brings the best app performance enhancing all of its functionality, making it user-friendly, and constantly updating the technology.
  • .NET Core provides numerous libraries, support, and flexibility to the developers to develop the apps in this framework.
  • Enables Top App Performance.
  • .NET Core provides support from a large community of developers and business owners who can guide users and developers to get the best out of the framework for their app.

The most significant advantage of this framework is its vivid libraries. In this article, we will explore top 10 libraries of .NET Core that you can use for developing your app:

Details of Top 10 .NET Core Libraries


Ben Foster is the founder of SaasKit. You can build multi tenant apps easily by using this library. It is a net core library that helps developers to develop Saas (software-as-a-service) web or mobile applications. Developers can use the OWIN interface to develop apps.

It has an MIT license which ensures security. Additionally, the founder also keeps posting valuable learnings and know-how posts and videos which you can check out to measure the benefits and features with uses of this library.


This is among the lightweight .NET libraries which can seamlessly let developers handle hurdles such as circuit break, retrying, timeout, thread-safe fallback, and bulkhead isolation. It provides resilient strategie with complete independence. It has a New BSD license to ensure the safety of app user’s data.


This library enables developers to test and discover various API operations with Swagger UI to build fascinating API documentation. It has an MIT license.

Some significant features of Swashbuckle are:

  • Provides support for all types of XML comments.
  • APIKey, and authentication scheme and flow.
  • Automated generation and integration of Swagger 2.0 with Swagger UI.


This library is useful for managing object-to-object mapping so developers no longer have to get tensed about the code while mapping values.

This library enables Microsoft DI Extensions, EF6 Extensions, Expression Mapping, Collection Extensions, IDataReader/Record Extensions, and Enum Extensions. It has MIT license for data safety.


This library is useful for abstraction of cache in C#. It has Apache-2.0 license. It offers helpful features like: 

  • Cache Item handling 
  • Cache Update Mode 
  • Cache Expiration 

Diagnostics HealthChecks

Create exclusive APIs with the help of this library for displaying on health checks. It offers the UI port with robust features and security of Microsoft. This library checks the health checks for APIs, servers, databases, applications, azure services, etc. It has an Apache-2.0 license.


This library is exclusively for cross-platform client-server. It has some robust features like Pop3 client, Async API and API cancellation, IMAP4 client, SMTP client, Simple Authentication, Proxy support for HTTP, SOCKS, and SOCKS4/4a, Security Layer (SASL) Authentication, etc. It has an MIT License which ensures that none of the user’s data is harmed in any way.


Manage log times seamlessly with NLog. This open-source library supports cross-platform to provide you easily accessible and editable log routines. Some of its dynamic features include extensible libraries, easy configuration, structured logging, template formation, etc. And with the licence of BSD-3 clause, you don’t need to worry about security or quality matters.


Like AutoMapper, this is also an object mapping library. Dapper provides high-performance and ORM support for MySQL, SqICE, SQL Server, SQLite, etc. With Apache 2.0 license it enables you to extend the interface of IDB connection by NuGet library.


This library is an open-source API gateway to run service-oriented architecture or micro services. You can use this library for web sockets, routing, authentication, rate limiting, caching, configuration, load balancing, authorization, request aggregation, etc. It has MIT licensed dynamic features that you can trust on.

Final Words

.NET Core is consistently providing technical advancements to its users through its amazing library that has got something for everyone. No matter which niche you belong to, these libraries have got the back of developers as well as users.

With utmost security and outstanding features, these libraries can cater all the functionalities you need on your web or mobile application. Not to forget, the support of every library is the most trustworthy feature of .NET Core libraries. 

Now that you have a good knowledge about .NET Core and its incredible libraries, you can excel at being a dot net developer to develop the application for users using the preferable library with all the required features that can bring the best business as per the current trends. And as a business owner you can hire dedicated .net developers to develop desired apps for you with .NET Core framework.

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