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How do you create a container in docker?

A container for a specified image can be created in docker by the below command:

> docker create [options] <image_name> <initial_command>

This command takes an existing docker image name as a parameter and returns a container_id for the created container. This container_id is used for working with the created container

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What is meant by an image?

An image is a trimmed down version of operating system along with a specific set of resources pre-installed, which is downloaded from the docker repository and setup in the client machine (our machine) for use. In Docker, an image is used as a base in building a container which contains all the required dependencies along with the environment for the application to run without any hosting issues.

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What is meant by a Container?

A container is an encapsulated environment which allows developer to pack all the necessary libraries and dependencies for running an application without any issues and deploy the entire container as an instance.

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