What is an Edge Location in AWS?

Edge Locations are where end users access AWS services with minimal latency, used mostly for serving content - such as Route53 or CloudFront.
  • An Edge Location is a datacenter owned by a trusted partner of AWS which has a direct connection to AWS Network.
  • Edge Locations serve requests for CloudFront and Route53
  • Requests to these services will be automatically routed to the nearest Edge Location
  • S3 Transfer Accelerator and API Gateway Endpoint traffic also use Edge Location network
  • It allows for low latency of services no matter where the end user is geographically located

A site that CloudFront uses to cache copies of your content for faster delivery to users at any location.

– https://wa.aws.amazon.com/wellarchitected/2020-07-02T19-33-23/wat.concept.edge-location.en.html

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