10 things about the Power of Subconscious Mind

This book talks about your Subconscious Mind, which takes care of your life activities. But it also your seat of intelligence; has the power to alter your life.

In the last week of November, I was riding my way back to home and suddenly I fell off my bike. I took some good bruises all over my body. What followed was two weeks of mental hell; I was down both mentally and physically. Simply put, It was kind of traumatic.

Then I came across this book which I bought sometime before.

I’m talking about the bestseller – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

It was a blessing.

This book had simple stories and techniques that helped me reset my mind, helped me rewire myself from the incident and made me better.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy

What is This book About?

I first came across this one in Instagram, when one of the accounts I follow had this in their suggested reads. I wanted to pick up some self-help books for the advice they give, and for reading in general.

So I got this book and kept it in my bucket list to read when I’m done with my current ones. And then shit happened and I ended up in a relatively bad state. I randomly chanced upon this book and started it; at first to keep myself distracted but ended up completing it.

The premise of the book is simple – It talks about the thing that is called your “Subconscious Mind”, which is your Involuntary Nervous System that takes care of your life activities. But it also has another facet – It is your seat of intelligence and has the power to alter your life.

But The interesting thing about this book is that it quotes many examples and stories, and gives you instructions on how to do it.

I list below the top 10 things I learnt from this book.

Top things I learnt about the Power of Subconscious Mind

  • There are two types of minds – Conscious and Subconscious. The Conscious mind does the thinking – all your thoughts, worries, feelings come up from here. The Subconscious mind takes care of all your involuntary things – breathing, digesting, healing – it supports your life

  • The Subconscious mind doesn’t think, but is all so powerful – it can make or break your life. Learn to tame your subconscious mind and you can master your life.

  • Subconscious mind is like a garden with rich and fertile soil that can grow anything; your conscious mind puts in the seeds of thoughts into it and the subconscious mind grows. Sow the seeds of positive thoughts and your life elevates. Put in negative thoughts and your life becomes miserable. Subconscious mind doesn’t think or differentiate between positive or negative thoughts – it just makes them happen.

  • Your body is built-up from a single cell, and the blueprint for your model is present within you – seek your subconscious mind for health and it heals you. There are many examples and cases where patients were cured of their illness by constantly affirming that they’re being healed. There’s an old saying that Doctors treat the wounds, and God heals them.

  • Your Subconscious mind is connected to the infinite intelligence, so is everyone’s mind – ask a question or an advice, your subconscious mind provides you with answers – sometimes direct and sometimes discreet. There are many examples where people dream about something to happen, these could be signs of something the mind warns about beforehand.

  • How do you ask your subconscious mind? By suggestion. The best time is when your conscious mind is not working – just before your sleep. Relax yourself, calm your mind and make a mental note to yourself about your question. If you wish something, affirm yourself that you are going to get it – your subconscious mind makes it happen. Your subconscious mind shows you the path to get it.

  • Negative feelings such as guilt, fear, hatred, envy.. harm your body and soul. Affirm yourself that you are forgiving everything and everyone. You are forgiven when you forgive. Develop empathy towards others. Make a habit to affirm yourself Happy, Healthy and Healing. You will always be.

  • Never worry about becoming old, remember that you are growing in wisdom as you grow old. Retirement is not an end; its a beginning for another phase.

  • God is Life – we cannot see it, although we are alive. Experience it in its all beauty and glory


There are many more things, concepts and many human stories to affirm these. I tried these affirmations on myself and can say that I’m a bit more positive about myself that before. I can say that this book does make sense about the things it talks about.

I suggest reading this book if you wish to learn about ways to make yourself better.

Buy It from here – https://amzn.to/3FIaOMW

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